Willowbanks Two Glorious Beaches

Just a few feet from Willowbank's spacious, attractive and air-conditioned ocean front rooms, there is the breathtaking and exceptional views of Ely's Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean.  Both of these beaches are so easy to walk to from anywhere on Willowbank's resort of 6 acres.

The crystal clear oceans are calm and shallow, therefore safe for children and non-swimmers.  Just a little further out, you may well get to meet and greet the beauiftul and gentle turtles.  


In between these two beautiful beaches there is a fabulous dock where you would be made welcome to feed the fish by throwing any leftover bread from breakfast time!


There are plenty of spaces to relax and take in the wonders of God's awesome creation.  


Within moments of being at Willowbank, you will feel the worries of the world simply ebb and drift away.





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