Conference Center

The 200-seat conference Centre, with its two break-out meeting rooms, is designed to facilitate conferences, banquets, weddings, receptions, concerts etc., for both international and local guests. In addition, the center offers from time to time seminars, workshops, special conferences etc.

It is also available for local organizations and groups for special events such as, anniversary celebrations, children’s and adult birthday parties, church retreats and other special events. Our highly qualified chefs are available and willing to cater for your event, and will meet all your special needs to help make your event a memorable one!

Throughout the course of the year The Willowbank Hotel and Conference Centre features outstanding speakers and performing artists. In addition, there are seminars and special weekends for Singles, Couples, Men’s and Women’s ministries. There are special retreats for pastors and their wives, church groups and for other groups with varying interests.

Should you wish to organize your own retreat, conference etc. do not hesitate to contact us. Weekend stay-overs for local church members can be made attractive, particularly with built in hikes, walks swimming etc., along with a variety of activities in the Somerset and Dockyard areas, year-round.


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